Welcome to the SOSP 2019 artifact evaluation process!

Goal of artifact evaluation (AE) is to recognize the authors who have put in the effort to release usable software systems as well as to validate the results of the accepted papers. This is inspired by the success of artifact evaluation efforts at the recent PL/SE conferences. Learn more about our goals and the badges you can earn.

This effort is made possible by a team of early career researchers and senior grad students, who share a passion for rigor and reproducibility in systems research. This year's artifact evaluation is led technically by Profs. Baris Kasikci and Vijay Chidambaram, and organized by Supreeth Shastri. You can find more about the evaluation team here.

If your paper is accepted at SOSP, this is your chance to earn the coveted ACM artifact badge. Don't be shy! Whether your invention fits within a single VM or fashioned after a Rube Goldberg machine, we won't judge you... we will just evaluate it! Check out the instructions for submission.

*** As of 8/31/2019, we have completed the AE process. You can check out the results, and read our final report.***