Artifact Review Summary: Mycelium: Large-Scale Distributed Graph Queries with Differential Privacy

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Description of the Artifact

This artifact contains several microbenchmarks for separated system components, including homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proof, onion routing, and committee election. This artifact does not provide an end-to-end implementation of Mycelium, but this is coherent with the evaluation setup in the paper. The artifact provides graph scripts to directly generate the figures in the paper.

Environment(s) Used for Testing

The evaluators were able to run this artifact in several environments:

  • Cloudlab: for onion routing tests, the tests were run on CloudLab m510 machines (8-core 2 GHz Intel Xeon D-1548 processor and 64 GB RAM, Ubuntu 20.04); For other components, I run them on a single VM Ubuntu 20.04.

  • CloudLab: c240g5 nodes

  • VMs on local evaluators’ own machines: Ubuntu 20.04, and Ubuntu 18.04 with python 3.8

The evaluators noted that at least python 3.8 seems to be required: their attempts to use python 3.7 failed.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Exercise the Artifact

The artifact’s README contains step-by step instructions that evaluators were able to execute successfully.

How The Artifact Supports The Paper

The tests generate similar results claimed in the paper. The numbers in some figures are generated with equations, and others are real tested numbers.